Los Angeles , CA

Wow just wow!  Dr. Pham is just a phenomenal dentist!!

I am super anal and picky with EVERYTHING!  and I am just shocked that I am even leaving a five star review here….

The moment I walked into this office I was pleasantly surprised by how ‘spa-like’ chic everything was….Dr. Pham showed me my x rays and clearly explained that I have multiple small cavities but only one has to be filled at this point because others I can remineralize??? I didn’t even know that was possible !!!! He did one dental filling for me.. didn’t even feel the needle or nothing throughout the whole procedure. .
Dr. Pham even called me the next day to check if I was doing okay 🙂 VIP SERVICE!…
If you are picky like me, you will be marrying your teeth to Dr. Pham forever because he genuinely cares about your well being and is simply the best. Thank you again doctor for being so professional and meeting all my dental needs.  I am super happy that I found a dentist I can trust!