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Let’s be honest, going to the dentist is not exactly at the top of anybody’s “fun things to do” list. In fact, experiencing various levels of dental anxiety due to traumatic dental visits of the past is quite common, not only in children but also among adults of all ages.

The dental industry has, in recent years, invested some energy into making advancements in the field to make your visit to the dentist a more comfortable and pleasant experience. While many dental clinics will claim to practice gentle dentistry, it’s important to note that true gentle dentistry requires an investment of specialized training as well as the latest equipment and technologies.

gentle dentistry

Gentle family dentistry means that your entire family can be treated at a single clinic, and you can rest assured that they will be well looked after. Our dental clinic not only provides general dental services for all ages, but we also provide in-house specialties so that you and your family can be treated for the full range of dental needs under one roof!

Whether you or your loved ones have basic preventive dentistry needs or require complex procedures, our dental clinic is fully equipped to provide gentle, state-of-the-art cosmetic dentistry, oral surgery, orthodontics and prosthodontic treatments by highly-trained specialists.

While we believe gentle dental care is important for everyone, this is especially true when treating children. We take every care to ensure your children have a positive experience at our dental clinic, so they never develop the dental anxieties that were prevalent in prior generations.

Sometimes children have already been exposed to dental fears when they come to us, whether through past experience, playground talk, or media exposure. We endeavor to provide a different experience for children who have already developed such anxieties to eventually reverse any past traumas that may have occurred.

Our gentle dental care not only applies for basic general dentistry procedures such as cleanings and tooth fillings. Our dental clinic provides the full range of dental specialties from oral surgery to cosmetic dentistry, prosthodontics, and orthodontics, applying gentle dentistry techniques across the board.

Consult with our dental clinic for gentle dental care for your root canal procedure, dental implants, wisdom teeth removal, full mouth reconstruction, dental crowns, dentures, dental bridge, braces, clear aligners, scaling and root planing, or any other dental procedure you require!

Gentle dentistry doesn’t only happen during treatment. We believe in gentle care for our patients from the moment you make your appointment in order to alleviate anxieties and provide a safe and comfortable impression from the start.

All of our staff are fully trained to provide patients of all ages and demographics with a friendly and inviting atmosphere at all stages of contact with our clinic, whether on the phone, via email, or in person at the office.

We have also taken great care to create a relaxing spa-like atmosphere in our office so that our patients can feel comfortable.

We also believe that communication and full disclosure is key to building trust and dissipating anxiety. Thorough consultation with full briefing and opportunity to ask questions are an essential part of our practice. This ensures you are comfortable with any dental procedure before moving forward and fully informed on expected outcomes.

Finally, we care for our patients by accepting a wide range of dental insurance plans including MediCal and Medicaid dental. With our staff well versed in all the insurance plan provisions, we ensure your out-of-pocket costs are always kept to a minimum in order to be gentle on your bank account as well!

Our goal is that your visit to our dental office is remembered as being pleasant and comfortable rather than painful or uncomfortable. We as a clinic have made significant investments in order to minimize and even eliminate your pain and discomfort for the dental procedures we perform.

From specialized training for our dentists and technicians to state-of-the-art equipment and the use of the latest techniques all geared toward gentle dentistry, we have covered all the bases! Our dental specialists and technicians are highly trained to administer all treatments in a gentle and caring way to minimize any pain or discomfort. We also offer a range of anesthesia options, which can be chosen through consultation with our dentists to ensure your comfort.

Let painful and traumatic dental experiences become a thing of the past and give our dental clinic a try!

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